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Happy Valentine’s Day

fullsizeoutput_3754Valentine’s is a great time to show off your crochet skills. From making festive bunting, 3-D hearts, sweet sachets or even larger items like cute ami bears or love themed afghans. This year I wanted to make some small hearts I could put around my desk and make the area festive. I searched for a good pattern and found about a thousand heart patterns. Some very intricate and some super simple. One of the super simple ones I altered a bit and it works perfectly for any beginner. I’m not sure who the author is on the original since it was repeated on so many sites, but again this isn’t completely my own, but a slight revamping. The basic form is to first crochet a perfect square. By perfect I mean if you sc 4 across you should have 4 rows of sc, or if you have 7 sc across you have 7 rows.  Remember with your starting chain to add one extra chain so that you can have your full number in your first row.

Ch 8, turn.
sc into next 7 chain sts. ch 1 and turn.
sc into next 7 sc sts. ch 1 and turn (until you have 7 rows of sc)

At the end of your last row, do not bind off. instead, ch 1 and then in the middle stitch of that row, dc 7. After the last sl st into the corner stitch, ch 1, and again, in the middle stich of that row, dc 7. sl st in last corner and bind off. weave in ends.

So for the whole quick pattern w/o commentary:

ch 8, turn.
sc next 7 ch sts. ch 1 and turn.
*sc next 7 sc sts. ch 1 and turn* repeat 5 more times sc next 7 stitches, ch1 do not turn. (7 rows completed)
In 4th row/sc from end, dc 7.
slst into corner, ch 1.
In 4th row/sc from end, dc 7.
slst into corner. bind off. weave in ends.

Keep in mind you can make any size heart you want with this pattern you just have to change the size of the square and equal that to the number of dc that are in the heart bumps. So 7×7 = 7dc, 4×4 = 4dc, 10×10 = 10 dc and so on. I’ve made a few already in the photo above so you can see the easy outcome. Have fun making these cute hearts and Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’d prefer the chart over the text for the pattern, I worked that out for you too. I’ve got the colour coded as well as the simple single black print:




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